Lois Ugbe


So many times, we have told people this ” You’ve got to love God” Of course, we’ve made that statement from the place of sincerity. Hardly do you see folks emphasize on God’s Love for us. Of course, many think it is too simple a message and in the real sense that’s the core of […]

When God says move, MOVE!

When God says move, MOVE The Lois Ugbe Podcast would be two on Thursday ( October 28th, 2021). Frankly speaking, I really don’t know how to describe how I feel. The testimonies from the podcast has been “This can Only be God” kind of testimonies. What started as an instruction is now a blessing all […]

Step Out Boldly!

Some months ago, I shared one of my visions with my mentor, one of the things he said, that really stood out for me was, ” Lois, step out boldly – Life always swallows the timid”. That statement hit me differently on every side. One thing was sure, I determined in my heart to step […]


I have always wanted to share this. However, I could not. Now, I can. Sometimes in October last year, I reached out to a physically challenged man. This man was sitting in a public relaxation centre. I was walking by and I felt a strong pull towards him. So, I walked to where he was […]


Dedicated to every Girl, Woman and Lady that’s been called by God, yet at some point crushed. The 22nd of March, 2021 is one of my best days of the year for me. The day didn’t start like it was going to be good. It felt like my head was going to blow up. On […]


Growing up, I didn’t really get to hear about God’s Love for me. Most of what I heard was, ” You must love God”. I mean, this is the same ‘God’ that is always waiting patiently to flog you when you do something wrong. How could I love a person like that? When a topic […]