Lois Ugbe

I have always wanted to share this. However, I could not. Now, I can.

Sometimes in October last year, I reached out to a physically challenged man. This man was sitting in a public relaxation centre. I was walking by and I felt a strong pull towards him. So, I walked to where he was sitting and sat down. For a few seconds I didn’t know what to do. I just knew I was suppose to tell this man that God loves him.

So, I started a conversation. Below is the conversation ( of course Paraphrased)

Me : ( Smiling) Good afternoon Sir. I’m Lois.. How are you Sir.

The Man : I am fine. I am Mark.

( Let us call him Mark – that’s not his real name tho)

Me : Oh…that is great. So, how was church today?

Yeah- it was a Sunday.

Mr. Mark : Church was fine.

Me : That’s great. So, I was passing by and then God asked me to reach out to you. Actually, He said, I should tell you – He loves you.

Immediately I told him that, the real conversation began. This time it switched from English to pidgin

Mr. Mark : Na lie, God no love me. See my condition na. Nobody wan help me.

He went on and on and on and on and on and on to complain. It was as if he was waiting for someone to vent his anger on. I was the one he found.

At that point, I was like God you’ve got to pull me out of here. I could literally hear God say to me, ” Just listen to him”. Of course, I listened.

Mr Mark : God no love me. See ehn, I be good shoe maker, but I no get shop. Nobody wan pay shop rent for me. I no get money. See my condition. Even my church sef, dem no care about me. Dem just dey build one big auditorium to another. Many rich people dey my church. I dey see wentin dem they give for offering. Dem get money but dem no wan help me.

At this point, I was smiling and nodding my head, so he knows I am following the conversation.

Mr. Mark : something happen to me for church. One man call me..he give me ten thousand naira. I no expect am. That day I happy.

I could see he was smiling. I was smiling too. I thought to myself this is the perfect time to really speak God’s heart to this man.

Me : God loves you. For that man to give you 10k that means God made him have compassion on you. Tell you what, nobody is really entitled to bless you. For real. God out of His Grace and Love moves people to bless us. Plus, have you even reached out to the welfare department of your church? Or you just assume they should see you need help.

At this point, Mr. Mark was just looking at me.

In my mind, I am like God… Please, keep the words coming.

Then I continued.

Me : Let me tell you something. You really have no right to monitor how much those rich people in your church give. How do you even know sef? Stop hating on rich people. They are not your problem.

I looked at Mr. Mark’s face and it looked like he wanted to cry. I am like God..na you dey talk through me o.

I continued by asking a question.

Me : Mr. Mark.. Are there people around you that you are better than? Like, your condition better pass their own?/

Mr. Mark : Yes, many people sef.

Me : Good. Make I ask you another question. Shey, you don try to help dem ni? At least, support them with small thing. You don support them? With not just money sef..Shey, you don encourage dem ni?

Mr. Mark : ( Guiltily smiling) No.

Me : ( At this point I knew I wasn’t the one talking). Mr. Mark.. You’ve given attention to yourself and needs for too long. That you’ve refused to be a blessing to the people God has placed around you. Take your eyes off your problems and needs. It’s time to be a blessing to the people around you. Let go and let God

I looked at him and he was so still, looking at me with so much honour.

Me : God loves you Sir. He does. It is time to take your eyes off your problems. Now, is the time to be a blessing.

He looked at me and nodded. I asked if I could pray for and with him. He accepted. I held his hands and I prayed and spoke words over him.

The next time I saw him was this year. All happy and bubbling. Glory to God!

I am saying to you dear friend : Now, is the time to be a blessing. Go light up your world!

Lois Ugbe

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