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When God says move, MOVE🙏

The Lois Ugbe Podcast would be two on Thursday ( October 28th, 2021). Frankly speaking, I really don’t know how to describe how I feel. The testimonies from the podcast has been “This can Only be God” kind of testimonies. What started as an instruction is now a blessing all over the world.

I remember when I heard the instruction to start the podcast in 2019. I didn’t know what a podcast was. All I knew was, I was reading my Bible ( Ephesians Chapter 1 ) and I saw start a podcast. Of course, I struggled with the instruction for some minutes. In my mind, I had three valid reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t start a podcast.

1. I am not a good communicator

2. Who would listen to me?

3. I am a Nigerian ( This has to be the dumbest, if you ask me😂😂😂)

I boldly tabled this to God and I am pretty sure, God rolled His eyes and was like…”… What is wrong with this my dear child 😂😂😂” . Of course, I got a reply from God, ” I have not asked you to start a podcast because I am going to equip you for it…I am asking you to start a podcast because you’ve been equipped for it” chee…I feel that’s a Word for somebody right now.

God has been calling you to start or do something but you keep screaming you are not qualified. Guess what? The opposite of unqualified is not qualified..it is CHOSEN! You’ve been CHOSEN and HANDPICKED by God. The Almighty God is not trying to Equip you for your assignment, you’ve been equipped already. The blessings are on the way of obedience.

So, I started the podcast on the 28th of October, 2019 with the core – God’s Love and Grace and I have seen God use that simple message to change, redeem and restore people.

Alot of testimonies from the podcast. I have lost track of the number of listens on the podcast. I think about Ten thousand or so.

Sometimes, I ask myself what would have happened if I didn’t start the podcast. I really don’t know but I know people will still be reached with the message of God’s Love and Grace. God is God.

I am glad The Lois Ugbe Podcast is reaching out to people from all over the world. Obviously, it can only be God. I really want to hear and read your testimonies. I want to know how God has touched you through the podcast.

To get across to me, head over to www.loisugbe.com click on the WhatsApp icon and boom you can share your testimonies with me or you could send them to loisugbe@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lois Ugbe.

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