Lois Ugbe

Some months ago, I shared one of my visions with my mentor, one of the things he said, that really stood out for me was, ” Lois, step out boldly – Life always swallows the timid”. That statement hit me differently on every side. One thing was sure, I determined in my heart to step out boldly.

Two months ago, I relocated to a new city within my country ( Nigeria), with the word in my heart ( Step out boldly- Life swallows the Timid) . I got to this new city, and an opportunity opened up. I mean, it was a competition. For what it is, I have always loved competitions because I get to meet people who are better than me and also get to intentionally connect with them. So, I put in for this competition. It was mentally exhausting but I did it anyway. I think the prize was it – you know money is a good motivator when it’s been channeled to a good course.

Sacrificing my sleep for a night wasn’t so much of a big deal. First of all, the goal was the win. Just before I continue. Ordinarily speaking, I may not have chosen to participate in the competition, cos I used to be believe that I was shy.

You see, nobody is born shy. It’s just a label some people have put on themselves and guess what? Life always swallows the timid and the shy. Imagine, if you took that bold step God has asked you to take, you probably won’t be where you are today..right? But you didn’t, cos you think you are shy.

Even God’s Word says, you are Bold as a lion because you are righteous ( not based on your performance but Jesus’ finished work) yet you prefer to accept cultural labels or self labels rather than God’s Word. It’s time to agree with what God’s Word says about you.

So, I participated in the competition made it to top ten. Well.. I couldn’t pitch my business idea cos only top five pitched. I didn’t win the Ultimate prize tho I did get a consolation prize. I learnt from that competition to more excellent, to continue to step out boldly because on the other side of comfort is GROWTH.

The point is, nothing happens until you make it happen. What will be will never be until you make it be. There is so much potentials on your inside seeking expression. There is a calling on your life to do what has never been done before. In the name of Jesus, you are not shy you can’t be. Step out boldly. Go after your God given vision, run with them because God is making a name for Himself with your life.

Lois Ugbe

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