Lois Ugbe

Growing up, I didn’t really get to hear about God’s Love for me. Most of what I heard was, ” You must love God”. I mean, this is the same ‘God’ that is always waiting patiently to flog you when you do something wrong. How could I love a person like that?

When a topic like rapture was taught in church, I was always scared..for what I know – God was probably going to play how I lived my life on His Television Screen and say to me, ” I have been watching you since, I captured the day you stole meat from the pot, lied ……….” and finally conclude by saying, ” I am disappointed in you, hell fire is where you belong “

You can’t blame the teenage me for having such thoughts. Most of all I heard and was taught was that, God is angry and He is extremely short tempered. Of course, I had to surrender my life to this God, so He won’t send me to hell.

Every time I failed, I never measured up. That wasn’t the issue. The guilt and condemnation that followed was the problem. Often times, I will have to beg, beg, beg and beg God to forgive me and most times I felt He didn’t forgive me and was definitely going to punish me. So whatever bad thing that happened to me afterwards was God’s way of getting even. That was how I felt and thought.

Fastforward to when I got introduced to this GOD. Who He really is.. How that He loves me forever and How that He is not mad at me. For He is not threatened by my shortcomings, failures, flaws, imperfections, and even my sins..cos, His job is to fix me and also to clean me up. There was no need trying to clean myself, so I could win His approval. I am approved of HIM. Things changed. The walk became easy not devoid of challenges.

However, I am rest assured.. All will continue to be well because He is the one holding on to me and not me holding on to Him. Cos, if I were the one my hands could slip and I am gone. No wonder, He said, I will not leave you or forsake you.

Then 2019 came and there was an instruction to start a podcast and the message was given. ” A podcast divinely inspired by God to reach out to millions of people across the globe with the message of HIS LOVE” My God! I am still running with this message, and forever will I. I have seen how lives have been transformed by just preaching God’s Love and not condemnation. People struggling with addictions have been set free by God’s Love. Physical and emotional healings have occurred. I read some testimonies and all I do is cry and appreciate God for His LOVE .

The Lois Ugbe Podcast is one that brings hope to the hopeless. One that tells you God is not angry at you, doesn’t matter how terrible you are or how ‘big’ your sins are. God is not disappointed in you or ashamed of you.. How can He? He wants you to come the way you are – Because, it is His Job to fix and clean you up.

A lot of well meaning people have misinterpreted God to us. So, we have people ‘serving’ God from a place of escape from hell fire. Only God’s Love can transform a man and not fear of GOD ( I hope you get my point).

For a person like me who was once an , hypocrite, liar, in summary a sinner. It was God’s Love that transformed and still transforming me till this day.


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