Lois Ugbe

Dedicated to every Girl, Woman and Lady that’s been called by God, yet at some point crushed.

The 22nd of March, 2021 is one of my best days of the year for me. The day didn’t start like it was going to be good. It felt like my head was going to blow up. On the 19th of March, 2021 I received a news that crushed me – Every part of me. Luckily for me, my Mum was around ( She came into the city I live in for an occasion). The moment I saw her, I was excited. I haven’t seen her in months. I told her I wanted to see her privately away from my relatives.

She followed me into the room and immediately I broke down into tears. Damn! I was crushed. Kai! God has blessed my mum, she watched me cry without saying a word, it felt like my tears had been bottled up, I was tired of being ‘an hard girl’ . I am always the encourager, but this time I needed my own encourager. After crying, my mum came in with great words, I felt comforted. Of course, she prayed with me. One statement stood out for me, ” Me and Daddy are praying for you”.

Then 22nd of March, 2021 came. I felt like all the comfort had disappeared. That day, I tried to forget what happened on the 19th, I tried to drown myself in my web design project. I couldn’t. I kept crying. My close friends kept saying, ” Lois, it is well”. Same day, I made up my mind to leave social media till further notice. I uninstalled all the social apps I had on my phone.

Then a call came in that same day. The person who called was one of the persons God placed in my life as an authority figure. Let me paraphrase the conversation.

Pastor T : Lois, how are you ma?

Me : I am not fine Sir. I think I need some time off social media.

Pastor T :Hmmmm….is this going to affect your podcast?

Me : Yes.. It will.

Pastor T : You’ll abandon your calling to bless lives because of this? What if someone was going to commit suicide and your podcast was what was suppose to reveal God’s Love to that person? Lois, you are a minister of the Gospel. Ministry is not emotions. You have to have a thick skin. People will offend you, leave you, reject you, hurt you. Should that stop you from ministering to God’s people? You minister on your Good and bad days. Lois, this is a distraction. There is so much in front of you, the fact that you can’t see it now, doesn’t mean it’s not there. A setback is a set up for a step up.

Let me stop the conversation here.

At that point, it literally felt like God was in my room talking to me. It was so real. All my questions were answered, whether silly or foolish. I talk about God’s Love so much that’s what my podcast is about yet it felt like I just understood this statement ” God Loves You”

Then God went ahead to blow my mind. He spoke through Pastor T by giving an exact Word of Knowledge to me. How do I know it was exact? This was something nobody knows about me, just me and God. God spoke through him – It felt like baby Girl I see you. I am here – it looks hurting – I know… I love you

Immediately I heard the word, I broke down into tears. This time not tears of sorrow or grief. This time it was tears of God’s Love and Grace. It was tears of God’s passionate, unending love for me. At that instance, I supernaturally felt Gods Strength. I can’t describe it. I can’t. I totally was healed.

Of course, I am back podcasting. If you missed my return episode, here is a link to listen – it will strengthen you in every way.


Does that mean the accuser doesn’t remind me of 19th of March, 2021. he does. Every time I reply him with God’s Word. Does my emotions try to remind me? Yes! I do the same thing, reply my emotions with God’s word. Some people wanted to always throw a pity party on my head. I sternly warned them not to. In my words, ” I have not been called to be pitted ” .

I hope my experience has strengthened you, you oh Woman doing God’s work.

Let me end with the words of Victoria Osteen

“Don’t get stuck in your circumstances, but realize that beyond what you see are greater heights, greater victories, greater strength, and greater anointing. You need to know that where you are right now is not your final destination. You’re on a journey. Keep your eyes lifted up. God has amazing things in store for you.”

Lois Ugbe

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