Lois Ugbe

So many times, we have told people this ” You’ve got to love God” Of course, we’ve made that statement from the place of sincerity.

Hardly do you see folks emphasize on God’s Love for us. Of course, many think it is too simple a message and in the real sense that’s the core of our Faith. Okay, this is it. The reason why we doubt if God will give us everything needed for life is because we are not sure if He truly loves us. If we know how much God loves us our prayers will shift from begging to freely receiving.

Back to the matter, rarely, will they tell you how to love God. Okay, you might have heard, ” To love God you must pray everyday, do your quiet time ( if you miss one day – God’s Love for you will drop), read your bible, do evangelism etc. These things are not bad in fact they are necessary.

However, To LOVE GOD means to MEDITATE on GOD’S LOVE FOR YOU. That’s it! It’s not reading your Bible or praying or doing your devotion etc.. When you consciously meditate and soak in God’s Love for you these things are the natural responses or better put fruits.

Really, if praying, studying the bible, doing evangelism etc is what it means to love God, the day you don’t do them – you will drown in the red sea of guilt and condemnation. Or maybe that day something bad happens you think it is God getting back at you. In summary, you now believe that the reason God ‘s blessing you is because of your prayers. Gradually, your focus is been shifted from all that Christ has done to what you are doing.

Of course, you probably have met people who have refused to pray for the sick because they haven’t ‘charged’ enough. Someone is dying of headache close to you they ask you to pray for them and you say, ” I have not charged enough ” Somewhere in your mind a voice is telling you that if you pray nothing will happen because you woke up late that morning didn’t spend your regular 1 hour with God before you left for work. That’s a love problem. If you obey that voice of deceit, Christ is no longer your sufficiency – at that instance.

When you truly rest in God’s Love for you will see that your prayers are answered not because you prayed but because of God’s Love for you. You see how you are not sufficient in yourself. How could he love a person like you? When this happen your focus is shifted from yourself to God.

So, I know you didn’t do your regular 1 hour prayer with God that morning but here you are faced with speaking words of healing to that person. All you need do is pray for that person focusing on Jesus and all He has done. Of course, the person will get healed, if the person doesn’t get healed – pray again with your Focus on Jesus and all He has done!

You see, stop listening to sermons and songs that tell you God is an angry God. Waiting to get at you. You see this kind of people find it difficult to love and forgive people who hurt them. They are experts at keeping malice. You know why? They don’t know how much God loves them and how He has forgiven all their sins.

The Lois Ugbe Podcast is a good place to start, the podcast preaches God’s Love. I wasn’t called to preach condemnation. Condemnation has saved nobody only God’s Grace does.. Head over to the podcast by clicking on this link – https://loisugbe.com/054-loved-by-god/ or you could listen via your podcast listening app. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple podcast, Google podcast, podbean, Amazon music etc

God’s Love for you is transforming. You have anger issues? Rest in How much God loves you..just stay there..You will discover after some time you no longer get angry and rage. What happened? The Transforming power of God’s love for you has worked in you..now you see how much God is patient with you..and so naturally you produce patience.

If you really want to love God the secret is simple :

Rest in His Love for you.

For Love produces Love.

Lois Ugbe

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