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You Are Your Own God Explained

I am sure a lot of you wonder how I could title this article stating that you are your own God? Well it’s pretty easy as this is a truth hidden from you. You all have been kept from the truths, by being manipulated to work against yourselves. You were taught that God is a punisher. You were taught that God judges you and sends you off to heaven or hell! So many state they are God-fearing people. Why would anyone fear God?

The reason most of you are all uninformed is because your whole lives were based on lies in order to control you for their monetary gain. The truth is you are not human but energy and light. God is powerful creator source energy. He created all souls (us) therefore, we are all one big family. We are all connected to this source energy, therefore, we are our own God.

What does this mean? There are universal laws that govern this universe. These are the only true laws which each and everyone needs to know, understand and follow. The universal law states that you are your own creator. What you think is what you create. This concept is deep but it would behoove you to follow this thought to heal your own life. These laws are used against you by teaching you to work against them without you even knowing. Therefore all this time you believe you are doing the best for yourself when actually you have been hurting yourselves for thousands of years.

Everything you believe about health, relationships, history, terrorists, money, jobs, etc are problems you have faced and still deal with because you have used this law against yourself. So how you may ask.? I will share a few examples as there are way too many to list. I believe once you read this, you will make the necessary changes to change your life.For instance you were taught to search outside of yourselves for every single thing you want. You were taught doing for others first before yourself, otherwise you are selfish.. The Law of Attraction states you attract everything to you by what you believe is true. You think it, you draw the experience to you. Relationships are big here as you search outside of yourself for love when in reality, the love you search for is love of self unconditionally. You are the person you are searching for. When you fully love yourself first, then your whole life falls magically into place. What have you done? You blame God for your ill relationships, become depressed and fearful of love when love is the healer of all. You bash all woman and men believing they did some terrible thing to you when they are mirroring you.

If you would take the time, ask yourself, is there anything on television, news, medias, movies and commercials positive? Every single day propaganda is in front and center in your lives teaching you fear based thoughts which you believe which in turn, you create it by drawing it to you. Another example is aging and genes. You see people aging and becoming ill with old age illnesses and why? Because you have fallen into this trap, you believe it, you create it, you bring it to you. Simple as that. The key is to take every single negative thought and word you think or say and make them positive to create positives in your life. It does not matter what is going on in your life at this moment because you also create your future by saying what you want today to draw it to you. If you are in pain today, instead of saying I am in pain, say I am pain-free. Believe you are that powerful and your pain will disappear for your future. The only real-time is the present moment. By using positive words and thoughts you create your future pain-free. In the meantime repeat affirmations till you feel it. Say I am healthy over and over till you feel it. I am pain-free. I am abundant. This is powerful and it works.

We all are powerful people with the ability to manifest anything we want. You have forgotten. This takes practice because it is not natural living positively. Another example is your health. You have the power to heal yourself because illness is not from God it is from evil programs you have used against yourselves. Simple example are germs. Antibacterial soap are poisonous products. In fact sunscreens, our food and water supplies, fluoride, gluten, food additives, sugars etc are all extremely bad for our bodies. Getting back to my example; have you not been told that other people make you sick with their germs and colds? That is another bold-faced lie. This happens because it’s what you believe. Because you believe it you create it for yourself. What do you do? You stop that belief process in its tracks. You tell yourself it’s not true, release the thought, let it go never to bring it back to you. It really is simple.

We are all one family not separate as you believe. Everyone on earth is related to you because we all came from one source, God. Your struggles have been many because of your own thoughts. If you believe it, you create it, draws it to you, then your believe it is true. Change those negative, fear based thoughts to positives then draw that to you instead. Every negative is not from God. When you practice being only positive, loving yourself first, knowing you create your own outcomes what can possibly appear? How about money, health, freedom, no illness, no aging, no diseases. Is that heavenly? Do yourselves a favor as Wayne Dwyer once said, “Change your thoughts, change your words, Changes You Life.

Do yourselves the favor and watch everything you say. Write down all the negatives you spout to show yourself how truly negative you are. When you notice your negative thought, stop it in its tracks. Say I take that thought out. Erase it so it doesn’t become created by you. Take your time. It takes practice. Do you love yourself enough? The choice is yours; create health, abundance, and love or not. Are you ready to leap?

Source by Maxine Whitfield

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