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Live Your Dreams! How to Grab Hold of Your Destiny

Determination, perseverance, and dedication-these are a few words to describe the traits needed to achieve your dreams. It’s not easy to hold onto one’s dream as the struggles of life slowly remove them from your mind. One of the many mannerisms that we learn about Satan is that he comes to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10), and that includes your hopes and aspirations. Stepping out on faith to achieve one’s deepest desires is not easy to accomplish.

Now when I speak of dreams, I am referring to ones that are in-line with God’s Word and will. We all have innately selfish and sinful dreams and desires that can grab our attention. And while those dreams and desires may be fulfilled, their fulfillment will not be from the Lord. Let us think only on those dreams which we know are God-inspired.

In some cases, people may feel led to go against the advice of family and friends to follow an unexplainable passion. Ignoring the naysayers, in addition to circumstances, is the first and most difficult step to take toward achieving a dream. Giving credence to negativity can deter and prevent one from taking a leap of faith. Yet, God has provided us with encouraging promises in His Word, extolling believers to never give up. Granted one may get weary during the pursuit, but remember Jesus is walking step-by-step with you. Even if you must do it without the support of others around you, fight to overcome obstacles and keep pressing through until your dreams are a reality. All things are possible with God (Mark 10:27). Such a guarantee should give one hope to achieve their aspirations and God given purpose.

In her bestselling book, Never Give Up, Joyce Meyer challenges readers to confront their fears and overcome barriers when trying to obtain future achievements. Meyer uses birds to illustrate a humorous analogy between different personality types that Christians possess. According to Meyer, some Christians tend to be “chickens”-making a lot of clucking noise but never taking off and doing anything with their lives. Yet, the “eagle” Christians constantly soars to new heights, successfully reaching unparalleled boundaries, not caring about obstacles. Meyer explained that a similar formula can be seen in the lives of people who are victorious in achieving their dreams vs. those who talk a lot but are apprehensive and afraid of exploring new avenues.

Webster defines the word “fear” as an unpleasant feeling aroused by the threat of danger, evil, or pain. This feeling has singlehandedly conquered countless dreams before they ever had a chance to be birthed into reality. What is it about fear that prevents people from executing their dreams into literal action? Meyer explains some of the typical fears people have problems confronting:

  • Fear of What People Think
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Fear of Not Pleasing God
  • Fear of Making the Wrong Decision
  • Fear of Change

Moreover she explains that many who refuse to take the leap of faith do not want to live with disappointing thoughts of themselves failing so they develop a strong fear of failure. If you are afraid, remember that the Lord will never leave you, nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Focus on Him and know that He holds your hand, guiding you through each and every step of the way.

When Apostle Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, he asked Jesus to call him forth to join Him and when Jesus did so, Peter was able to step out on faith and walk on water. However, the moment Peter took his eyes off Jesus and started to pay attention to the boisterous wind, Peter started to sink (Matthew 14:30). He cried out unto the Lord for help and Jesus saved him. Our lives can be a direct reflection of Peter’s actions. When we are going through countless storms, we must stay focused on Jesus and not the distractions. Ask the Lord to handle your distractions and He will do so.

Prayer and attitude play a crucial role in obtaining one’s dreams. Prayerfully seek the will of God and maintain a pleasant attitude when expecting a spiritual breakthrough on your goals. Be assertive, stand vigil over your dreams, and come with an attitude of victory.

Our adversary the devil wonders about seeking to abort all hopes and dreams. However, be encouraged: Hebrews 13:6 states, “The Lord is my helper, I will not fear. What can man do to me?” These are powerful words, especially when you feel like you are facing the world alone and need something to hold onto while pressing towards victory.

In order to be successful in your endeavors, Meyer list four necessary factors:

  • Commitment (Key attribute needed for staying power).
  • Determination (Enables one to pursue dreams that seem impossible).
  • Waiting Patiently on the Lord (Not a passive action; aggressively expect God to do great things).
  • Taking the Time to be Refreshed and Renewed (Spend alone time with the Lord; this empowers you to never give up).

There is direct opposition from the enemy from you obtaining your destiny. Don’t let Satan steal your future. Don’t love the praises of men more than God. (John 12:43). Hold on to hope no matter how bleak the reality you are facing. Stay focused on the Lord Jesus and He will direct your paths. For moments when you feel discouraged, commit to memory this wonderful scripture of promise regarding the plans that the Lord has for each and every one of us: ” ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plan to give you hope and a future.’ (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)” Never give up!

Source by Nevada York

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