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How Can Agape (Pure Love) Be Beneficial To Your Life?

Love, there are all kinds of love–superficial, romantic, and agape (spiritual). Agape, which is pure and unconditional love, will bless your life beyond any of your expectations.

When we know someone so well, our love deepens to agape. No words can completely express this love. It is a love that wants to please, help, support, be there for the person no matter what the cost, and never look for anything in return. Experiencing this love may mean that we may have to give up things/opportunities, learn more in areas unfamiliar to us, change our way of thinking, step back from the situation and look objectively at it, and think before we speak. In other words, we give up our independence and pride and focus on the one we love. It is all about that person.

Now let’s direct our focus on the most important person to love, God, your creator and heavenly Father. Loving God is knowing God intimately. Once you get a grasp, Who this magnificent God is, then you will want to respond in a God-like way in all of your life situations. You automatically will want to be more like Jesus.

We must spend the time to learn about who God is, so we can love God purely. In order to know God, one must read and meditate on His inspired words from the Bible. As you grow to know Him, you will have the desire to:

1. please Him.

2. obey His laws.

3. respond in a God-like way in all situations.

4. speak to others about this magnificent Person.

5. trust Him in all situations.

6. do everything out of love.

7. detach yourself and only look at God and others.

8. be a disciple.

By loving God purely and completely, it will bring to you:

1. a peace during all times-good and bad.

2. a joy, surging throughout your being.

3. a confidence in what you do.

4. an awareness of His presence.

5. a profitability in all areas of your life.

6. a love abiding within from God.

7. a guidance in which God “will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.” Psalm 32:8

8. a multitude of blessings.

9. a renewal of your mind.

Our love for God is powerful! It can change our thinking and surge us into a world of inward peace and joy that no one can take away from us. This loved-filled you will attract many people, so God can speak through you, so others may have what you have-LOVE-pure love!

Source by Dottie J Eichhorn

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