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Some months ago, I was heading out for a meeting. Of course, I was going to take a cab. Two cabs were in front of me. The first one needed one passenger to get going, the second needed 3 passengers. Mehn…I was running late. As I approached the first cab to to get going, I heard a voice on the inside of me say, ” don’t get in” . I knew it was God. For where, I no hear…I entered! Cos I was running late and I figured if I got into the second cab I will have to wait for two passengers ..I didn’t have that time jare.

We started our brief journey within the city of Ibadan. Some minutes later, a driver from another cab was telling our cab driver to park that one of his tyres was flat… Kai! That was how we stopped o. Our driver started fixing tyre. I was so pained. I tried flagging down other cabs so I could enter..for where, nobody stopped for me, cos most of the cabs were filled up already. I was so pained. Then, I remembered the voice i heard, ” don’t get in” . Kai! That was how I trekked to my destination that day. It wasn’t funny.

What am I trying to say?

1. God is not going to force us to obey Him.
2. Every time we obey God, we move faster in life. It may not look like it at first physically, but it is it.
3. Choose God over your Logic
4. For He knows the end from the beginning

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