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God wants you to reach out to people!

Last week Wednesday, I decided to take a tricycle to church. The moment I sat inside, I brought out my phone and began to scroll through WhatsApp, checking people’s status and the likes. While I was busy with my phone, a man came inside the tricycle with a girl ( His daughter). As the tricycle moved, I noticed the girl was resting her head on the metal. It was easy to tell that she was sick, at a point her father gave her a sachet of water she took half and used the remaining to wash her face. I looked at the father and he was reading a Bible. I could feel a strong compassion rise from my inside towards this man and his daughter.

I felt a strong nudge in my spirit to speak healing over the girl..At some point, I struggled with the voice within me. If I won’t take the Glory, I equally won’t take the shame. I interrupted him and I said, ” She is sick” he said Yes. I have never met this man or his daughter before. Then I continued, “can I pray for her to be healed?”. The man looked at me with surprise and tiredness in his face, and said, ” Yes, you can. I have so much Faith she will be healed”. He talked about the fact that they will taking her somewhere. I turned to the girl and asked, ” Do you believe you will be healed?” She weakly said, ” Yes”… So, I laid my hands on her and spoke healing over her, rebuking the spirit of infirmity in the name of JESUS.

After I finished the prayer, the father looked at me and thanked me..I said, ” Glory to God! She is healed ” . It was time for me to alight in front of my church, as I brought out money to pay the tricycle man, the voice within said, ” Girl, you are paying for three ” …Mehn…..I had plans for the money…Who am I? I paid for the three of us. As I left them, I heard the girl talk about being better and I heard her father say so passionately, ” God bless you, thank you” I have heard people say those exact words to me before, but this one was different.

As I walked into the church and sat down..I felt God say, ” That man has been praying to me since, he thinks I don’t care about him anymore.. You were his answered prayers” . Immediately I heard that, tear began to flow down my cheeks.

How many times have God told you to reach out in love to that person? How many times have God asked you to preach the Gospel to that person? How often are you bothered about the fact that many people are still yet to know how much The Father loves them? It’s easy to come on social media to profess how much you love God blahhh… But on the streets it is a different story. When last did you preach to someone? I am not talking of social media Facebook, WhatsApp etc evangelism.

The Father wants us to reach out to people and show them how much He loves them, how much He wants them to come into a relationship with Him.

What have you done with The Gospel you have received?

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