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For Price or For Value

During my old days of primary school, entertainment was one rare thing. Apart the evening news on my father's wood body radio, any other enjoyment was only with peers. Being a rural school, it was not any easier to get entertainment. Occasionally though, we would get a Christian movie on a twenty-one inch black and white television, run on a noisy generator, with all of us crammed in a tiny class, sweat and all! On one remarkable day, the school had organized for an acrobat to come do his thing. The show was much publicized and all of us begged our parents on our bended knees and impressed them with house chores, all to get the entry fee of two shillings and fifty cents.

Those were hard economic times and not many parents were amused by the idea of ​​parting with money equivalent of a bunch of kale just to buy some 'foolish magic' from a pole walking skinny man. For the lucky many of us who secured the fee, we eagerly waited for the Friday afternoon to get into the largest class for the show. However, not all of us unfolded our handkerchiefs to pay out for the acrobatic viewing. Some, like my friend Maina, decided to spend the money on 'better things'. That kind of money could secure a month's supply of five cents candy! The kind of luxury to woo the hottest girl in class … And Maina was especially notorious in this line!

This is not new in life. We always find ourselves in situations whereby we have to measure out the real worth of things we come across in life. Striking the difference between price and value is always a headache to many people. Something that can be converted into money is easily made liquid, without thinking of what value we are throwing away. The Bible gives a perfect example where Jacob gave up his birth right for a bowl soup. This he did to quench an immediate need and lost an irreplaceable possession. The same goes for the many of us who are easy in fulfilling short term needs and losing a long term entitlement. Think of the following scenarios;

Giving into bosses sexual demands for a job promotion.

Selling a family artifact to pay rent.

Giving up education for small-time business.

Neglecting family for a mistress.

While it may not even have any physical consequences on the chooser, there are sentimental losses that can never be recovered when we go down the slippery road of price. Think of the dignity that an employee will forgo when they exchange sexual pleasures for a job promotion.

Source by Kynyn Kamau

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