Dedicated to every person that is called of God

Let me share a brief story. I received the calling ( Yes, it is a calling- you shocked? ) to start a podcast in 2019, I had no idea about what a podcast meant. I was just in my room studying Ephesians chapter one and I saw start a podcast. Immediately, I ran to YouTube and I understood what a podcast was. I gave thanks to God and reached out to my Pastor and Mentor. He was excited, spoke words over the podcast and blessed me. Then he said this ( I am paraphrasing) : Lois, take sometime out like a week to pray about this, trust God for a Word for the podcast. Then he said, a business man will not just run off with a business idea, he will take sometime out to ensure all things are in place and the likes before the idea is launched.. How much more this calling? Which is greater. Take some time to pray and get back to me.

It was the last day of the prayer week I got a Word from God concerning the podcast. The scripture was so clear – Isaiah 51:2 . How did it come? I was in a conference and the preacher read it, he explained it but I heard something else as he explained – All I saw was HIS calling. Excitedly, I reached out to my Pastor and Mentor again and told him i got a Word from God. He said, ( I am paraphrasing) : That is Great. Start the podcast. There will be times, the results on the podcast will not be great, there will be times you may not feel discouraged. Those days will come, your anchor will be God’s Word to you. Trust me, I have had those days a number of times. The downloads on the podcast not encouraging. Did it stop me from podcasting? Nope! When the results are not encouraging, in prayers i declare God’s Word to me.

Something like this, ” I am the called of the Lord, I speak increase over the podcast, I speak blessings over the podcast, the vibes of this podcast are all over the globe, the hearts of people are open to this podcast” etc.. And other scriptures that speak of increase. Do things instantly change? Sometimes, they do, the downloads supernaturally goes up and other times, it is gradual. All the same my Faith is strengthened. I always win. Are there times I feel weak to podcast? Yes! How do I come out of it? Still speaking and declaring God’s Word. Something like this, ” You called me, YOU are my sufficiency – so therefore I am strengthened ” of course topping it with with praying in the Spirit. Boom! Strength comes and I do my podcast. You see, you don’t reply doubts with positive words, you reply doubts with God’s Word.

Give premium time to hearing the strategies concerning His assignment for you. Trust me, if God called you. You can’t do it in your strength. Even the seemingly simplest of things.

I am still learning not to run off from God because sometimes we get too excited about the A of an assignment when God hasn’t told us how we’ll move from B to C ..etc or even how A will happen. Sit down to get the full gist He wants you to get. You will move faster.

You want to listen to The Lois Ugbe Podcast? Head over to or any of your favourite podcast app. I hope this encouraged you.

Lois Ugbe

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