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I watched a couple of the #fruitsnackchallenge videos online, just in case you are wondering what that means; it’s a challenge where parents put snacks in a bowl for their kids and ask them not to eat them, until they are instructed to do so.
Most times, the parent will leave the child alone for about two minutes with the snacks. The whole point of the challenge is to see whether the child will eat the snacks while the parent is away or wait for the parent’s instruction to proceed with the snacks.

Most videos I watched the kids were disciplined they didn’t eat the snacks, they only did when their parents asked them to. In fact, one of the kids reaction caught my attention. He had his friend with him. She wanted to eat the snacks, but he didn’t let her. He said, ” Don’t eat it.. Mummy will be sad ” Woah… I was amazed… He cared about the feelings of his mum. This kid is probably five years old or so.

Isn’t that how we should relate with Daddy God? Having the same child like spirit, that cares about the feelings of our Daddy ( God). God desires that we obey and trust him completely, like a child to his father.

However, oftentimes, we get so caught up in our heads that we neglect His instructions. I have not come here to say, that I have always obeyed His instructions. There are days, I get caught up in head, I try to be “reasonable and rational” with His instructions to me. Days I did things my own way. Those days ended in premium tears.

Watching those kids, I felt God say, ” You’ve got to trust me, you’ve got to be child-like “.
Now, I am saying : We’ve got to trust God more with our lives – His plans for us are good, we’ve got to be child-like

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