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Two years ago, I went on my first personal retreat with God. The retreat lasted for three days. Throughout the period of the retreat I shut myself from the outside world. I was practically unreachable.

What pushed me to go for the retreat was because I felt like hearing God was becoming a struggle and spending more time with Him was becoming difficult. I was getting choked with the cares and worries of life.

Here I was in this large room all by myself trying to have a conversation with the only person that loves me more than I love myself. I thought the quiet environment would help..it didn’t. On my inside, it felt like the noise you hear in a market.

The noise from my inside was all over the room. The environment was quiet and yet my room was noisy. Then I cried out, ” Please, God…help me quiet my spirit ” instantly, all the noise ceased. It felt like the peace of God was all over me. There I learnt that you can be in a quiet environment and be noisy in yourself.

  1. Only God can help you in your Walk with Him?
  2. The worries of this life can choke you up and block your spiritual senses from hearing God’s voice. ( You should listen to my latest episode on the podcast on how to hear God’s voice)
  3. God is so much concerned about your growth than you are.
  4. God loves you so much. He won’t waste your time.
  5. No hard girl or boy with God. Just be a baby, He is your Daddy.
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