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36 Tips To Hearing God’s Voice, The Voice For Love Within You- Tip #2 – The Evolution Of Truth

What is the evolution of truth? It sounds like a strange concept because Truth is eternal. It’s changeless. It’s formless. It’s the essence of pure being that we are and that God is. Truth is the Reality of God, so how can there be an evolution of Truth?

When we experience truth in the world, in many ways, it is an evolutionary experience. We are constantly deepening our experience of Truth, our experience of Oneness, our experience of Love, understanding, compassion, and what’s important are those “qualities.” Those are the qualities that the Voice for God within us teaches us about. God’s Voice, by whatever name you call this Presence of Love and Peace within you, teaches us about love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, and truth. God can only speak to us “where we are,” what we’re capable of learning right here, right now. God could give the same truth to each and every one of us, and yet we are each going to take in exactly what we’re capable of taking in right now that makes sense to us, that feels real, accurate, and valid.

This is an important concept in hearing God’s Voice within you because it will help you stop comparing WHAT you hear and HOW you hear to anyone else, because we each need to hear what we need to hear in order to awaken. If twenty people were to make the exact same request of prayer or God the same exact question, they would all hear something different. Each person has different life experience, different history, different belief systems, different culture, different background, and different language. Our minds are very unique, and when God speaks to us, He speaks to us through our particular mind, life experience, history, belief system, and vocabulary.

If you are a five-year old child, you’re going to hear something completely different when you ask God a question about a particular situation than if you are possibly an atheist, a Buddhist, a scientist, someone living in Mongolia, or someone who comes from a very wealthy family. Because we’re so unique in these ways, God is going to speak to each of us exactly where we are. What is it that we need to hear right here, right now in order to deepen our experience of Truth, Love and Peace? God will say something different to each of us, and that’s the power of hearing God’s Voice within you because you’re not taking a concept of Truth that you read in a book or that someone else says to you and somehow figure out how to apply that Truth to your life. God will speak to you exactly where you are on a particular topic-right here, right now. That is powerful! That helps us each to deepen our understanding of Truth in our own way and at our own time. It’s not taking an abstract concept and figuring out how to apply that concept or teaching to your life or somehow make it real. It gets made real right here and right now by hearing this Voice for Truth within you.

When we understand that there is no generic form that God’s Voice expresses in, we can allow everybody to hear whatever they hear, even if it seems contradictory to what we hear. It’s what that person needs to hear to awaken. You need to hear something different, and I need to hear something different. Sure there’s going to be some commonality, and we may even hear exactly the same thing, but the point is, we each hear what we need to hear in this moment. When we can give that to our self and have that be okay, we are able to extend that to others and allow what they hear to be ok. What you hear doesn’t need to match what this teacher, author, or minister says God’s truth is.

I hope the messages we hear and share from God’s Voice are helpful to people, and yet, you might hear something different. You will hear something unique to you, and that’s what’s important! It doesn’t mean that someone is hearing God’s Voice and someone isn’t just because they hear different things. It’s that each one heard God’s Voice within them, and each heard what they needed to hear and how they needed to hear it.

When you give this to yourself, you’ll stop comparing what you hear with what another person hears and you will be able to recognize the Holy Spirit speaking to people in all kinds of ways, all over the world, non-stop. And it won’t matter what it sounds like. You’ll be able to see the Truth in it, and understand that each person gets what they need for their awakening and growth. This is what we call, “The evolution of Truth,” hearing as much Truth as we are possibly able to receive in this moment, in exactly this form, on this topic, and that is perfect. We could ask the same question tomorrow and get a different answer or the same answer. We might ask the same question next year or ten years from now and get the same answer or a different answer. There are no rules. This moment is this moment. That’s it. We will hear whatever we need to hear in whatever form we need to awaken.

Over the next few days, as you practice this concept, ask God’s Voice, the Voice for Peace and Love within you, for guidance and allow yourself to receive whatever you receive and know that it doesn’t have to sound like, mimic, or be anything like what you’ve ever heard before. If it is exactly what you’ve heard before, that is perfect as well. That is just what you need to hear.

For example, if you are a student of A Course in Miracles and your mind is formed with that vocabulary and that understanding, then what you hear will probably be very similar to that body of work. If you have a mindset of a Catholic priest, you’re going to hear in that form. If you’re a Buddhist, you’re going to hear with that vocabulary and that belief system, and that is perfect. If you’ve never studied any practice or belief, then you’re going to hear however you do and that’s perfect. That’s how hearing the Voice of God works! Hear however you do and know that is perfect for you. Over the next few days, begin to recognize how other people hear and that what they hear is perfect for them. This will truly change the way you experience God’s Voice within you and outside of you. Blessings to you.

Source by DavidPaul Doyle

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